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Nick Foss is an experienced consultant in respiratory protection, having worked continuously in this specialized field since 1985. He initially developed respiratory equipment for Sabre Safety (now Scott Safety), before joining Racal in 1991 to develop a new range of breathing apparatus for the international market.

In 1997, Nick established Respire as an independent company specializing in providing support to respiratory manufactures internationally. With a team of similarly experienced professionals, he developed the business and expanded into manufacturing. The Respire EXODUS positive pressure escape set was one of the first Respire products and was sold internationally. This award winning apparatus provided an exceptionally high level of protection to the wearer and the patented technology which it embodied has been incorporated into a whole range of respiratory products.

Respire worked extensively with the UK police and other emergency services to provide respiratory protection solutions to possible terrorist attacks and their expertise in the CBRN arena led to the development of bespoke respiratory solutions for the military and homeland defence.

Nick Foss sold the manufacturing and intellectual property of Respire in 2010 in order to concentrate on consultancy work, having built up an extensive portfolio of respiratory product development during his thirty years in the industry. With his considerable practical experience, he is uniquely qualified to help you with your respiratory protection requirements, whether you represent users looking for help with procurement, or you are a manufacturer looking for support with product development or approval. Familiar with working within the constraints of commercial confidentially, Nick is able to offer an economical, effective and reliable service.



Advice, tender writing and evaluation + supply chain auditing to ensure you get the right products

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Expert advice and support for end-to-end respiratory product development

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Guidance on the compliance and approvals regulations for respiratory products

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